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-The list of the COFA 2015 competition winners are posted on Competition page.

2015 COFA Winners

Special thank you to Jim Walker and other great guest, as well as competitors and visitors to make the COFA 2015 possible. Following is the list of the competition winners:

1st- Lindsey Wong
2nd- Katherine Sharp
3rd- Michael McCann

1st- Arianna Bendit
2nd- Sarah Tan
3rd- Eliza Fisher

1st- Vivian Lee
2nd- Zach Warren
3rd- Ann Green

Young Artist
1st- Aram Mun
2nd- EunHae Oh
3rd- Elizabeth Hamilton

Cash prizes were awarded and the winners are invited to participate in the
2016 COFA Festival Master Class with guest artist.

Congratulations to all!

Please continue checking back here to stay informed about future events and guest artists. We will be updating all subsequent pages as our organization begins planning future events. Thank you once again for your continued interest and support!


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